Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SID is Working!!

As I wrote my previous post Nicole was in surgery.  We starting receiving regular updates shortly after I completed the previous blog as to the success of the surgery.  "SID", Nicole's pet name for her new kidney from Wendy, was successfully placed into her body.  She was finally stitched up and placed on local anesthesia.  It was over.  After all of the days, months, and years a new kidney was finally placed into Nicole.

She was wheeled by the waiting room on her way to the ICU around 4:30pm, a full 7 hours after being wheeled back for surgery.  She looked great.  She was asleep, but she looked great.  She would not wake up as we called her name and kissed her gently on the cheek, but she looked fantastic to this father.  You know that when you release your child to surgery that there is always a chance that something could go wrong.  There is always a risk.  So just to see your child again alive, in any condition, is a blessing.  This case was a double blessing because I knew that "SID" was in her body and functioning.

It was a bit of a wait, but we finally got to see Nicole in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).  We got to see the scar, the wires, the tubes, the ports, and everything else that is connected to her.  But most importantly, we got to see the urine bag from her catheter was full.  The "fellow" (doctor) in charge of Nicole informed us that they we consider 20mL a "good" urine output from SID.  In the first hour she was in the PICU Nicole produced over 200mL of urine!!  SID is working!!

Nicole in the PICU with my brother and sister, Brad and Terri, who made the trip from Florida

The doctor informed us that the first 24-48 hours after the transplant are the most critical.  The body is grafting in the new kidney and the urine output and the meds are administered and monitored very closely.  So many things can go wrong.  Our prayers are that she passes through the first 48 hours and everything is still OK.

Right now as I write Nicole is watching Finding Nemo and is looking great.  Her urine output continues to be fantastic and everything is looking fine.  Our only concern is that her blood pressure is running very high at 150/80 even with blood pressure medicine that was given an hour ago.  That is a problem that needs to be watched.

Finally, we went and visited Wendy this evening.  She looks amazing and is doing great, except for some problems with nausea.  The anesthesia has caused her some problems with nausea and the medicine being used to fight this is making her extremely tired.  Regardless, she looks fantastic.  All Wendy wanted to know about was how Nicole was doing and how SID was working.  She is an amazing woman.  As Titia and I walked back to Nicole's room we talked about what an amazing woman Wendy is.  This woman has a truly compassionate heart a mile wide.  Her compassion is real.  This sort of radical love cannot be faked.  As she sits there in pain and endures intense nausea it is a reminder to me what a huge sacrifice she has made for the life of Nicole and how graciously and humbly she has done this.  As she has said herself...she is a wife, a teacher, and a mommy.  However, I feel inclined to add that she is also a compassionate, self-sacrificial woman that has changed the life of my daughter.  As I told a group of strangers in the PICU waiting area that was interested in Nicole's story...Wendy Killian is now part of our family and deserves the best piece of turkey at our Thanksgiving table :)

Keep praying, but for now...SID is working!!

For His Glory,


  1. Thank you for the update, and I will keep praying!

  2. Wendy is a true "Super Hero"!

  3. Thanks for updating! Nice to see Terri and Brad. Love their shirts! Definitely will keep praying for both and that the nausea abates.