Thursday, June 9, 2011

Being Thankful for the Common

Well, spring has sprung here in Ohio and as usual we have been catapulted right into summer with temperatures up near 90.  Nicole is doing incredibly well.  She wakes up early (too early most days J) and is going to bed later than normal with tons of energy in-between.  Her favorite things to do are play in her sand-box, jump on the trampoline and, of course, terrorize her younger brother and sister, Caleb and Katelynn.  The sun comes up early these days around 6am and sets at 9pm or later.  There is plenty of daylight for her to romp around our 15 acres that is spread between our home, grandma’s home next door, and the greenhouse land across the street.  In my opinion, it is a little chunk of paradise here in north-central Ohio, even with the winters.

With all the busy schedules it has been a challenge scheduling the next set of tissue matching with Tiffany and Krista.  If there is one thing that I am learning through the process of coming up with a kidney donor it is patience.  When we were originally told that we were going to start the process of finding a donor back in January / February I had in mind a sprint to the finish line.  Instead, the whole process goes in fits and spurts and it is a enough to drive a “type A” mad-man like me insane.  Breathe Brian, breathe!  It will get done and all just in the right time.  Worry.  Really?  What does it accomplish in the long run?  Not much.  Not much at all.  We do what we can and then we should relax.  Usually, if we are diligent, things will get done and there is no sense in sacrificing the great for the good.  A good friend of mine I don’t have much contact with now taught me that saying…do not sacrifice the great for the good.  The great things are time with family, friends, faith, hope, acts of service, good deeds, quietness, rest, a peace that passes all understanding, and above all, a sacrificial love.  The good things are work, busyness, house work, cooking dinner, and so on.  Too often I (and others) sacrifice the great for the good.  It is a bad trade.  The toys that clutter the floor because the kids have been busy playing is not a bad thing.  How about the dirty kitchen floor because Nicole has been tromping in and out all day playing in her sand-box.  Once again, would I rather have a clean kitchen floor or a daughter that is playing hard and doing well?  When it is worded like that there is really no choice at all.  Perspective.

I wanted to bring up one more thing.  I mentioned above that the days are longer and the nights are shorter.  “Big deal”, you say.  After all, it is spring and almost summer.  It happens every year.  Au contraire, it is a big deal.  The 4 seasons we have here in Ohio happen right on schedule every single year as if designed that way.  Hmmm.  Maybe they were! (wink, wink).  Each day there are things that happen that we call common or ordinary.  The sun rises, the sun sets, it rains as it did this morning and the earth fills our wells with water to drink, trees and plants grow for our food, and so on.  On a more personal level, I roll over in the morning to see my lovely wife.  I come home from work to see my kids playing.  I enjoy watching my oldest son Nathan play soccer like I have done a 1000 times before.  I text a friend who is always there for me.  I could really go on and on and on with the ordinary, common things that are in my life each and every day.  The longer days and the increased sunlight has made me cognizant that too often the common goes without thankfulness.  If “absence makes the heart grow fonder” then what does that say about the things we experience every day?  Does it imply that we take them for granted without an ounce of thankfulness?  I pray not.  Every year with the lengthening days Nicole feels better because of her increased exposure to the sun.  I am convinced of it regardless of whether or not the doctor’s say it is relevant or not.  I would like to make a public declaration that I am thankful to the Lord, the creator of the heaven, earth, and its magnificent order.  Not only am I thankful to Him for how the seasons work, but also for every little single thing in my life that happens every day.  One day, a sad day I would imagine, I might wake up and things might not be the same.  Give thanks for the common…while you can.

For His Glory,


  1. My very favorite post to date for apparent reasons. Even though I just left, I miss you guys already! Love ya! Terri

  2. Ah so true!! Not overlooking the beautiful blessings right in front of me - Thanks for the reminder. And I am happy beyond words that Nicole is doing so well.